We are now accepting reservations for our patio. Please understand that during this time we need to limit dining times; 1.5 hours for a party of two, and 2 hours for parties of three or more. Our maximum party size is 5 people, including children and infants.

Please note that patio reservations are weather-dependent. In the event of inclement weather we will reach out if it becomes necessary to cancel.

We think you’ll love our safe and comfortable patio and we’re delighted to have you back!

PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING: If you book a reservation, please be sure to either show up or cancel within a reasonable amount of time. For some reason that we can’t fathom, “no-show” reservations have been a problem lately. We are currently reserving all our tables outdoors. That means if your party of four doesn’t show up, that table we were holding for you sits empty, and the restaurant loses money. We are doing everything we can to survive right now, and what might seem trivial to you is of vast importance to our business. If you want our restaurant (or any restaurant) to be here in the future, please show up for your reservation.

Here are a few FAQs about our patio:

Are dogs allowed?

Unfortunately, no. The city has made it clear in the wording of our temporary patio permit that licensed service animals are the only animals allowed on the patio.

Do you have propane heaters?

Yes we do! The effects might not be as dramatic as you’d hope due to table spacing, though, so be sure to dress warmly. Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific table or a table closest to a heater. We’ve found that our patio stays a little warmer than you’d expect as it is sheltered from the wind and we also have fleece blankets to loan you if you’re feeling chilly.

What if it rains?

We have umbrellas and awnings that we can put up to cover pretty much all of the dining area in a light rain. There’s not too much we can do if the rain is heavy, though, so we do close down on those nights. Feel free to give us a call day-of if you’re unsure.

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