C L O S I N G ….We’ve been thinking long and hard about it, and we’ve decided we must close for two weeks, starting at 9pm on Sunday 3/15. In some ways, this is an easy decision. The risks of unintentionally contributing to the spread of the virus are simply not worth it. But it’s also a difficult situation as we face the dire uncertainty that comes with losing our much-needed revenue; the revenue that provides our team with the paychecks they rely upon, and pays our vendors, our rent, our taxes and insurance.

The safety and well-being of our guests and team are our top priority. We are going to pay our team whatever we can until the money runs out. We’re going to attempt to turn a negative to a positive by using this time to make long-needed repairs and improvements to our space, so that when we re-open we’ll be ready to welcome you with open arms and a spiffed up restaurant.

In February 2008 we opened Vee Vee right as the recession kicked in. Thanks to you all, we not only survived but thrived. We have worked very hard these past 12 years to build this restaurant into a community, and it’s a community we love with all our hearts. You’ve become part of our lives as we’ve become part of yours. We have no intention of being beaten by this. We WILL be back!

In the meantime, if you’d like to help, please consider purchasing an online gift card through our website. Every little bit helps. https://veeveejp.com/gift-cards/

The abundance of small businesses is one of the things that make JP special, and their loss would be heartbreaking. So, please, do whatever you can to support them.


Vee Vee is a 35-seat neighborhood restaurant opened in 2008 by Dan and Kristen Valachovic (Mr. and Mrs. Vee).  We serve creative American fare along with craft beers and artisan wines. We strive to source our meat, seafood, produce, beer and wine from small and/or local producers that employ sustainable practices.  Dress is casual and the vibe is relaxed– we hope to see you soon!

763 Centre St

Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

(617) 522-0145

Tues- Sat: Dinner 5:30pm- 10pm

Sun: Dinner 5:00pm- 9pm