When will the patio open?

And just like that it’s turning into patio weather! Quite a few of you have called to ask when our lovely patio is going to open. Well, we have good news and bad news…the good news is that our new landlord (who is opening a co-working place in the former AAA space) is doing a big renovation project that includes the patio. It’s going to be done up right and will include an outdoor bar and accessible bathrooms! Bad news: the patio likely won’t be ready until early June. That’s terrible news, we know! We’ll keep you posted, and you’ll hear us shouting from the rooftops when it’s ready. In the meantime: takeout is chugging along and indoor dining will hopefully resume soon. Restaurant workers are in the next vaccine group so once our staff is all vaccinated we’ll throw open the windows, turn on the ceiling fans and open our doors. We’ve been working really hard on some dining room improvements for you. Hope to see you soon!

We are doing a trial run of delivery for the winter months

Free in Jamaica Plain with a $60 minimum order.

Schedule your order in advance or order during business hours for ASAP. (Please allow for a 15 minute buffer before or after your quoted time).

The process is contact-less– we’ll send you a text when we arrive and leave your items at the doorstep.


Please reach out if you run into any issues.

Hello, neighbors! Vee Vee was opened in 2008 by long-time JP residents Dan and Kristen Valachovic. We’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by an outstanding team and wonderful guests over the years, many of whom we now count as friends. During the pandemic, we have been open for both takeout and outdoor dining on our newly-created Secret Patio in the courtyard behind the restaurant. Here’s how things are looking as we head into winter…

The patio is closed for the winter and will be back in the spring.

Takeout will continue through the winter and can be ordered here. If you’d like, you can schedule your pickup time in advance. Free delivery ($60 minimum) is available in JP as well.

We do sell gift cards, and they make fantastic gifts. Please consider purchasing one as you plan your holiday shopping. They can be purchased here.

The pandemic has been hard on everyone, and many small businesses are struggling. Please know that we have every intention of weathering this storm, and we’re confident that with your support, we’ll be here for years to come. We have never considered giving up, this means too much to us.


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