Crispy shiitake mushrooms, sriracha-soy sauce 9.
Manchego potato croquettes, spicy salsa roja 9.
Castelvetrano olives, almonds, ricotta salata 9.**#
Shrimp and scallop cakes, chipotle aioli*. 13.
Oysters* on the half shell (half dozen); yuzu granita. 15.**
Today’s Soup (vegan, see chalkboard). 9.**
Bibb lettuce, poached farm egg*, crispy onions, roasted beets, buttermilk dressing. 13.**
Dry-rubbed baby back ribs, mustard barbeque sauce, hot pepper marmalade. 16.
Salad of mixed greens, house vinaigrette. 11.**
Seared scallops*, fava hummus, beet and fennel hash, carrot slaw. 28.**
Pappardelle, smoked chicken, peas, creme fraiche, soft onions, chicken stock. 27.
Potato-crusted pollock, spicy miso watercress and bok choy, soba noodles, pickled ginger 27.
Spice-rubbed club sirloin steak*, crispy potatoes w/cotija cheese, braised broccoli rabe, chimichurri sauce. 30.**
Sweet potato gnocchi, roasted mushrooms, asparagus, sundried tomato, carrot-top pesto. 26. (vegan)
Roasted Giannone chicken breast, warm butterbean salad, napa cabbage, maple balsamic glaze 28.**
Gorditas (thick tortillas made with masa and potato), maple turnips, refried beans, guacatillo, cabbage, cashew-chili sauce, pepitas. 24.** (vegan)#

(Supplemented by specials throughout the week…)

*May contain raw or under cooked ingredients.
**May be prepared gluten-free.
Consuming uncooked or under cooked food increases the chances of food borne illness.
Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has an allergy.

# Contains nuts