Crispy shiitake mushrooms, sriracha-soy sauce 9.
Manchego potato croquettes, spicy salsa roja 9.
Castelvetrano olives, almonds, ricotta salata 9.**#
Shrimp and scallop cakes, chipotle aioli*. 13.
Shrimp cocktail, roasted jalapeño cocktail sauce. 13.**
Today’s Soup (vegan, see chalkboard). 9.**
Bibb lettuce, poached farm egg*, crispy onions, roasted beets, buttermilk dressing. 13.**
Dry-rubbed baby back ribs, mustard barbeque sauce, hot pepper marmalade. 16.
Salad of mixed greens, house vinaigrette. 11.**
Seared scallops*, pumpkin polenta, salt-roasted beets, brown butter-sage vinaigrette. 28.**
Beef stroganoff, mushrooms, onions, buttered egg noodles. 27.
Potato-crusted pollock, spaghetti squash with sauteed onions and capers, romesco sauce. 27.**
Spice-rubbed club sirloin steak*, crispy potatoes w/cotija cheese, braised broccoli rabe, chimichurri sauce. 30.**
Potato gnocchi, roasted mushrooms, winter squash, kale, herb broth, parmesan. 26. (vegan without parmesan)
Roasted Giannone chicken breast, miso, water chestnuts, sesame broccoli, soba noodles, hoisin glaze. 28.
Gorditas (thick tortillas made with masa and potato), roasted sweet potato and plantain, refried beans, guacatillo, cabbage, cashew-chili sauce, pepitas. 24.** (vegan)

(Supplemented by specials throughout the week…)

*May contain raw or under cooked ingredients.
**May be prepared gluten-free.
Consuming uncooked or under cooked food increases the chances of food borne illness.
Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has an allergy.

# Contains nuts

Every Tuesday is Fried Chicken Tuesday.  (Supply is limited)

In addition to our regular menu we serve this delicious dish:


Leg, wing and thigh, cheddar biscuit and two other rotating sides (mac & cheese and bacon-collards in this case) $18

Every Thursday is Burger Thursday. (Supply is limited; dine-in only)


Beef patty, pickles, lettuce, bacon jam, manchego cheese, special sauce, onion rings. $18