The patio is back!

The Secret Patio at Vee Vee is finally open! We have 11 tables and a bar that seats 6 people. We currently have some of our availability set aside for walk-ins– if you don’t see a reservation available, there are options to be spontaneous. Reservations can made through our website, and requests for an outdoor table will be accommodated if possible. A little flexibility on timing (earlier/later) will likely make it easier to get an outside table. Also, it is not necessary to check in at the front door if you’re dining on the patio– follow the map at the bottom of this page and come right on back.

We know it’s tempting to linger on the patio when the weather is lovely, but note that due to the popularity of outdoor dining it’s likely we have another reservation booked following yours. Please be aware that we’re allotting a maximum of two hours per party, which begins at your reservation time. We’ll do our best to accommodate you if your party is running late, but it might not always be possible. We’ve also promised our close-by neighbors that customers will vacate the patio area by 10pm. Thank you for your understanding!

NOTE: outdoor dining is weather-dependent. If the weather is bad we’ll do our best to schedule you indoors, but can’t guarantee a table due to space limitations.

Some FAQs:

Can I bring my dog? We love dogs! However, our patio is a shared space and because of that we will not be applying for a permit to allow dogs. Only registered service dogs (not ESAs) are permitted on the patio.

We are only having drinks and snacks. Can I reserve a table? We ask if you book a reservation that you plan on eating dinner with us (entrees). If not, we may ask you to move to the bar so that we can accommodate our dining guests.

Can I bring my own wine? No. In the City of Boston a business that holds a liquor license is not permitted to serve or allow any outside alcohol.

Can my kids run around and play in the pea stone gravel area? Well-behaved children are always welcome, but running around while people are dining can be an unwelcome distraction to those guests looking for a quiet night out, so we ask that you keep your children seated at the table with you.

Do you have parking? Vee Vee does not offer parking and the lot adjacent to the patio is not owned by us or available for our use. Violators will be towed. There is plenty of off-street parking along Centre, near the Monument, and in the Municipal Lot behind Blanchard’s. It’s also very possible that you’ll find a spot on Eliot St.

Where the heck is the Secret Patio? The patio is accessed via the driveway between 5-7 Eliot Street. Note this is between two residential homes, please don’t enter private yards or open any gates looking for it. Just walk down the driveway and you’ll see us.