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crisp [and/or] refreshing
Notch Session Pils, MA, 4%, Easy-drinking Czech-style pils (12oz can) 4.
Reissdorf Kölsch, GER, 4.8%, Pale golden in color; light, clean and dry (16.9oz can) 9.
Allagash White, ME, 6.0%, Cloudy, spiced, refreshing ale brewed in Portland (12oz.) 7.
Weihenstephaner Hefeweissen, GER, 5.4%, Classic German wheat beer (16.9oz.) 9.
Notch Left of the Dial, MA, 4.3%, New wave session IPA (12oz can) 5.
Evil Twin Citra Slacker, NY, 4.5%, Sessionable IPA w/ notes of grapefruit zest (16oz can) 8.
Evil Twin Imperial Simcoe Slacker, NY, 7.5%, Floral and tropical IPA (16oz can) 8.
Stillwater Classique, MD, 4.5%, Dry saison in a can (12oz) 6.
Off Color Apex Predator, IL, 6.8%, Saison with a fruity bite and dry finish (12oz) 7.
Orval, BEL, 6.9%, Trappist pale ale: a little tart, a little hoppy. Classic (12oz) 11.
De la Senne Taras Boulba, BEL, 4.5%, Snappy and hoppy Belgian pale ale (12oz) 9.
De Dolle Dulle Teve, BEL, 10%, Fruity and peppery Belgian Tripel (12oz) 13.

malty [and/or] dark
von Trapp Vienna Lager, VT, 5.2%, Crisp, full-bodied amber lager from Stowe (12oz.) 6.
Revolution Fistmas, IL, 6%, Red ale steeped with ginger root and orange peel (12oz.) 6.
Notch Black, MA, 4%, Session black lager (12oz can) 5.
St Bernardus Prior 8, BEL, 8%, Belgian Trappist brown ale: Dark fruit flavors (12oz) 11.
De Struise Pannepot, BEL, 10%, 2011 vintage Belgian Quad from our cellar (12oz) 13.
Against the Grain 35K Milk Stout, KY, 7%, Silky smooth with a slight malt sweetness (16oz can) 8.
Allagash Black, ME, 7.5%, Belgian-style stout (12oz) 7.
Smuttynose Porter, NH, 6.0%, Smooth, toasty porter (12oz.) 6.

sour [and/or] funky. + cider
Bantam Wonderkind Cider, (MA) Cambridge company; dry and slightly floral. (12oz can) 6.
Cidergeist Semi-Dry Cider, (OH) Brisk with a touch of sweetness (12oz can) 6.
Transmitter F2, NY, 6.8%, Brett farmhouse ale (25oz btl) 21.
Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza, MI, 8%, Dry, tart and fruity barrel-aged ale [NOT a pumpkin beer] (12.7oz) 13.
Evil Twin Nomader Weisse, SC, 4.5%, Lemony and acidic Berliner weisse (12oz can) 7.
Duchess de Bourgogne, BEL, 6%, Flanders red ale; acidic, fruity and bold (12oz) 11.


other delicious alcoholic beverages  
Red Wine Sangria,  On draught; dry with hints of ginger and lime. 8.
Manzanilla Fino Sherry, Ivison (Spain) Bone-dry minerality with a creamy almond finish. 5.
Artisan Beverages Ginger Libation (MA), Ginger brew w/ flavors of lemon and pineapple. [13oz BTL, 8.5% abv] 8.
Brachetto D’Acqui, Rosa Regale, (IT) Sweet and floral sparkling red wine w/strawberry notes. [7% abv] 8.

soft drinks
Saratoga Sparkling small bottle 2, large bottle 5.      Lime Seltzer, Ginger Ale, Root Beer,  3.